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When I was looking for a local seamstress, Sue came HIGHLY recommended. She definitely did not disappoint! I have brought her several items over the last few months and each one of them has come out looking perfect and like they were made that way! She truly owns her skill and is very friendly. Best of all - she is very quick and has very reasonable prices. I won't go anywhere else!   Jennifer Hoth  

WOW was I lucky to have found Sue! I'm a long-time resident of New York City and happened to be visiting family in Wisconsin when I did a web search a few years ago for a seamstress in the WI area. What I initially thought would be a one-time use of Sue's services on that trip is now a regular tailoring engagement for the high-end clothes I buy in NYC. Why do I bring my items all the way to WI when I can have them tailored anywhere in Manhattan? Because Sue is personable, fast with fittings, accurate, fast to deliver items back, cost-effective, and a person of integrity. I forgot to mention - she does an AMAZING job! It's well-worth the extra effort for me and I'm grateful for her work.

                                                                                                                                                   Gwen Ulijasz - New York City


The two dresses arrived today and are, as always, MAGNIFICENT! No wonder my granddaughters fight over these. They call them their "Fancy Nancy" dresses. I will have to save for some more. Your biggest fans. Mary Ann Golightly

I have had alterations done for my family for many years and have been to seamstresses everywhere from State Street to Johnson Street to Cottage Grove Road. I was never completely satisfied with the work, crooked seams, not altered as instructed, etc. Once I found Sue, however, I knew I had finally found "the one". I have taken advantage of Sue's experience and expertise on everything from jeans to suits as well as dust ruffles and pillows. She even expertly repaired what I thought was an irreparable tear in my son's new suit. You could not tell where it was once Sue got finished. There is NOTHING she can't do. Linda Hanson, McFarland, WI

Susie Petkovsek is absolutely awesome at everything she does. She has been doing alterations for me for 40 years and made my bridesmaid dresses for me. She can do anything you ask with precision and perfection. Her work is amazing. Her work on Madrigal singer dresses along with bridesmaids dresses are beautiful. Even her doll clothes are absolutely beautiful and meticulously made. Her creativity is never ending and she loves challenges to fuel that creativity. Her prices are extremely reasonable and not indicative of the beautiful work she does. I highly recommend Susie for all your alteration and sewing needs! Susan Kosmicki, DeForest, WI

I've known Sue Petkovsek for more than 30 years and have utilized her sewing talents in just about every arena possible in a MASTER seamstress's world. I would, and have, put my complete trust in her abilities from simple repairs and hemming to more elaborate projects such as enlisting her services to create wonderful halloween costumes. My 10 yr old daughter is the first to tell me that she 'wants Sue to make her a new dress or put together a new halloween costume' for her, as well as letting me know that: Sue will be making her wedding dress. I have complete confidence in any project that Sue has her hands on. She is beyond capable in the world of sewing. Thanks for all your help through the years Sue, and Good Luck to you! Terri Ray, San Francisco, CA

Our relationship with Sue goes back over several years now, she has sewn costumes for my daughter, as well as done numerous alterations to pageant dresses and interview clothing. She has rebuilt bodices for us, and we end up with stunning dresses that just fit like a dream. She is so flexible with us on our appointment times, the dresses are ready sooner than we expect, and her rates are so reasonable. She's the first and last person we think of when we need something sewn or adjusted: I recommend her without hesitation! Kelly Morgan, Oregon, WI

Sue has never disappointed me, no matter how off the wall my requests. She has created swimsuits from the designs in my head, engineered REALLY tight snowboard pants to fit me for the slopes, and made Halloween costumes from my simple drawings. I have changed sizes from 8-14 with my pregnancies, and she has been able to salvage much of my wardrobe to accommodate my figure. Sue is creative, punctual, and trustworthy...I'm glad to have found her! Sarah Nelson, Stoughton WI                  

5 ***** Review on Etsy for my doll clothes

I have been buying dresses from this shop for a long time and each one has been fabulous!  This one is no exception., it's amazingly beautiful, very professionally made of very high quality material.  It fits my doll perfectly and looks amazing on her! I just can't say enough about the outfits from this shop! I have 10 or 12 and keep buying more because they're all so beautiful! My great granddaughters love them, they play princess with them. You will treasure anything you get from this shop! There are some outfits I want to get but haven't been able to because I keep seeing something else I want more. Love this shop and you will too!  Michael Velasquez, Marion IN

I thanked Michael for the wonderful review and this was his reply:

It's all true. Pretty sure I have at least 10 of your lovely dresses and would have many more if I had more money. 

In my opinion you have the best gowns on not just etsy but the entire internet. Michael

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